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The future of universities


Higher education in the UK has shot up in cost over recent years. Not only higher tuition fees but increased living and accomodation costs appear to be discouraging students from starting degree courses. At the same time prestigious eduational institutions are offering free courses on the Internet. Could this be the future of higher education?


Every fool believes
what his teachers tell him,
and calls his credulity
science or morality
as confidently as his father
called it divine revelation.

~ George Bernard Shaw

A fool's brain digests
philosophy into folly,
science into superstition,
and art into pedantry.
Hence University education.

~ George Bernard Shaw

Nothing in education
is so astonishing
as the amount of ignorance
it accumulates in the form
of inert facts.

~ Henry Brooks Adams

Strange as it may seem,
no amount of learning
can cure stupidity,
and formal education
positively fortifies it.

~ Stephen Vizinczey

There is no great concurrence
between learning and wisdom.

~ Francis Bacon