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Immortality and the Soul


In this discussion we are going “back to basics” and having a look at Plato, the father of western philosophy. And we are considering one of the most basic questions in philosophy: do we have a soul and what is its nature? Are we immortal?

Plato's most famous discussion of the issue is found in his book entitled “Phaedo” which is centered on an account of the death of Socrates. It is in the form of a dialogue told from the perspective of one of Socrates' students, Phaedo of Elis who was present at Socrate's death and he is relating the story to Echecrates, a fellow philosopher.

In the Phaedo Plato puts the discussion of immortality into the mouth of Socrates (as Socrates never actually wrote anything himself). If you don't read anything else, read this extract and see if you can tease out the three arguments that Plato/ Socrates puts forward for immortality.

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