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Ageing, Old Age and Ageism

Our topic is old age and ageism. Here are some statistics to mull over before the discussion:

  • Global life expectancy has doubled in the last 140 years: 2/3 of that increase has been since 1900
  • In 1901 37% deaths were between ages 0-4; 12% deaths over 75.
  • In 1999 0.8% deaths were between ages 0-4; 64% deaths over 75.
  • 100,000 people currently in their 40s will live to over 100.

The medical historian, the late Roy Porter, reflecting on these trends worried that the “ignominious destiny” of medicine in the future would be “bestowing meagre increments of unenjoyed life”.

So… are we all set for a long, drawn-out process of decline or can most of us look forward to a long period of healthy, active retirement a predicted by Ray Tallis?


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