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Creationism and ID

Creationism is the belief that Darwin got it wrong and that species do not descend from each other but were created by God as discrete species right from the beginning. The account of creation in Genesis is held to be a more or less accurate picture of how it all happened. However, having said that, there are a number of varieties of Creationism which to varying degrees come to terms with elements of the modern scientific view. It's not a single, monolithic ideology as many Creationists and their opponents try to make out. Some Creationists accept that the Earth is millions of years old while others accept that evolutionary change may take place within species – while denying that one species can evolve into another.

A modern version of Creationism is ID (Intelligent Design) which accepts the Darwinian account of the descent of all modern species from common ancestors. However, it also holds that there must be some intelligence behind the way evolution has unfolded as the complexity displayed by organisms cannot be accounted for simply by a process of natural selection. Living things display what ID proponents call “irreducible complexity”.

Some commentators believe that ID is just a stalking horse for Creationism to get religion back into the school curriculum. This is more of an issue in the USA, than in the UK, where over half the population doubt the Darwinian account.

These pages provide some background to the arguments and politics surrounding Darwinism, Creationism and ID.

What is Creationism?

The varieties of Creationism

Intelligent Design

Objections to Creationism and ID

Objections to Darwinism

Evolution is “only a theory”

The politics of Creationism and Darwimism

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