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A New Citizenship

This year's Reith lectures on BBC radio were given by Prof Michael Sandel from Harvard University and his topic was "A New Citizenship". Sue Lawley introduced him like this:

Michael Sandel "...believes we need to think afresh about what we mean by ?the common good?; to think about whether we need to foster deeper moral and spiritual values in our public life. Our social, sexual, economic and scientific freedoms throw up many difficult ethical questions. How, he asks, should we develop the moral systems we need to cope with them?"

There are four lectures in the series which you can listen to them on-line.

The transcripts of the broadcasts can be downloaded here. They are quite short so you won't be using up reams of paper if you print them off.

  1. Markets and Morals – What are the moral limits of markets?
  2. Morality in Politics – What role, if any, there is for moral argument in politics?
  3. Genetics and Morality – How we should use our ever-increasing scientific knowledge?
  4. A New Politics of the Common Good – The case for a moral and civic renewal in democratic politics.
  5. There is also a useful introduction from the BBC site, entitled The limits of Liberalism introducing Michael Sandel's thinking.
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