Faversham Stoa is a philosophy discussion group. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7.30 to 9.30pm in the The Bull in Tanners Street. We cover a large range of topics. There's no charge for membership and everyone is welcome to drop in. Just bring your brain and some beer money!

Buddhism Comes West


This month we will be looking a Buddhism, but not just as another religion with its own specific set of beliefs. We will be considering the question of how Buddhism has moved into western society and culture and how it has adapted and changed during that process of moving.

Instead of having just one speaker introducing the topic this month, we have a panel of five at-one-time-or-another practitioners of Buddhism. Two of our panel members each have over 20 years experience in their respective sects (Triratna and Sokka Gakkai). Two members describe themselves as 'beginners', having experience of Chan practice and Triratna practice. The final panel member has practiced both Zen and Nicheren Buddhism whilst living in Japan. So we will have plenty to talk about.

Take a dip into some of the audio and video programmes and articles listed below to get a flavour of the topic.

Buddhism Introductions

Western Buddhism

Secular Buddhism

Can you have a Buddhism shorn of its religious appendages? Is there a core to Buddhist beliefs and practices that do not require belief in anything supernatural? There is a growing constituency of people who practice a form of Buddhism that they regard as essentially non-religious. Stephen Batchelor is one of the formost proponents of this 'naturalistic', 'non-religious' form of Buddhism.

Criticism of Westernised Buddhism

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