What's on at the Stoa?

Vostok 3 and 4—The Flight
of the Heavenly Twins

Tuesday 17 April 2018

This year marks the 56th anniversary of the group flight of Vostok 3 and 4. Through the use of contemporary newspaper and magazine articles Andrew Knight will describe the events of the mission and give an insight into how the politics and propaganda surrounding the flight reflected the Cold War climate of the time. This is a talk he previously gave to the British Interplanetary Society but he promises it is not technical and so will be accessible to us mortals!

What hope for peace in Israel—Palestine?

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Penny Newall who organises the local Faversham and Whitstable Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be leading our discussion by outlining the current political situation in Israel-Palestine. What will be the effect of President Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem? How far has this undermind the possibility of peace in the 'Holy Land'? More on the Solidarity Campaign at... fwpsc.wordpress.com and facebook.com/fwpsc.